We make a difference where it matters the most - in the Global South. Our approach combines innovative techniques, scientific advancements, and transparent technology for optimal results in ecology, economy, and social impact.


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Featured projects

So much more than planting trees or collecting plastics: the ripple effect of our Impact Products on local communities change lives of thousands of people in the Global South.


By planting trees in Tanzania, you are also supporting women and children to access education programs.


Your plastics collected in the river Nile empower fisher communities while raising awareness to the waste pollution problem.


The corals you restore in Bali help make a living for coastal communities from the entire island region.

How we deliver impact

What happens after you purchase our impact products?
Our process behind impact delivery in 4 easy steps.

You choose your favorite impact product

Choose between our 7 impact products - or bundle them according to your preference.

Your investment goes into our corresponding project portfolio.

Each project is adhering to strict sustainability criteria while ensuring local fit.

Our local partners implement the project on the ground

You support on-going projects which thanks to you can create greater impact.

We ensure long-term sustainability and report on the progress.

All our projects are monitored and evaluated on an on-going basis.

Our Project Portfolio Approach

How do we choose our project partners? For each impact product, we support a wide range of organisations according to the following principles:

Impact First

We only support projects that create proven and long-term impact in their territory, particularly for marginalised groups. We channel resources to projects where the need is highest.

SDG & the three pillar fit

The Sustainable Development Goals are our framework. For each project, ecological, social and economic principles are pursued simultaneously. It is about people, planet and profit.

Bottom-up approach

All projects involve local communities, listening to their concerns and  giving help to self-help. Cultural traditions are strictly considered.

Ethical codex

Only projects partner with high ethical standards and fair wages are chosen after a careful due diligence performed by our transparency team.

Education & awareness building

All projects seek to counter the incentives which led to the problem in the first place by building awareness around sustainability.

Sustainability in-house

Our project partners own the project implementation. We support them with guidance, monitoring & evaluation.

How do we evaluate and manage our projects

Our project cycle is divided into 7 clear steps. This cycle is completed respecting our partners needs while providing ongoing support to ensure long-term sustainability of the products you purchase.

Your guide to navigate complex ESG regulations

Putting sustainability at the heart of your business can improve its performance and attract the best talent. Our white paper helps you navigate the complex regulatory landscape around sustainability.

of young talents look for companies that prioritises sustainability
increase in sales when businesses communicate sustainability efforts

Who support you along the process?

We have an active Impact Brain Board made of experts in the areas Ecology, Ethics, Regenerative business, Investment, and Circular Economy. They review our work, keep us informed of scientific and technological developments and help us shape our strategy.

Emily Bayley
Head of ESG, Private Sector | World Economic Forum
Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek
Professor of Business Ethics HHL | Wittenberg Center
Anthony Kimaro, PhD
Tanzania Country Representative | World Agroforestry
Dr. Leland Werden
Restoration Ecologist at the ETH Zurich | Crowther Lab
Ladeja Godina Kosir
Founder & Executive Director | Circular Change & Co-chair of CG ECESP
Philipp Buddemeier
Advisor & Author | Founder & CEO of Better Earth Partners for Business Transformation

We also have a strong sustainability & network partnerships with the most relevant sustainability players in the market: