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Our holiday season just

This holiday season, we're not only celebrating with lights and gifts, but also by giving back to nature. With your help, we're creating a greener, more sustainable future for all. Thank you for being a part of this initiative!

Allianz's impact so far

We believe in the power of purpose-driven action. We've partnered with Impact Hero to plant trees, not only as a symbolic gesture but as a tangible commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.  Every tree we plant is a statement of our dedication to environmental conservation. These trees stand as sentinels against climate change, absorbing carbon dioxide, providing clean air, and nurturing biodiversity.

Our impact so far

But our commitment goes beyond environmental impact. Each tree we plant also serves as a catalyst for positive change in the communities where they grow. They provide jobs, support local economies, and improve the quality of life for many. It's a ripple effect of good that extends far beyond our initial action.

How does tree planting work and where are our trees planted?

We partner with Impact Hero, a Berlin based 'impact-tech-for-good' that supports certified tree planting projects in the Global South. Impact Hero plants native, resilient tree species in collaboration with local communities, ensuring long term positive ecological & social impact.

+2 million
Trees planted
by Impact Hero
+20 sites
+10 million
Square meters of forest restored

What sustainability principles does Impact Hero use to select their projects?

Our partner Impact Hero supports a wide range of tree planting organisations - as long as they are in line with the six established criteria:

Impact First

We only support projects that create proven and long-term impact in their territory, particularly for marginalised groups. We channel resources to projects where the need is highest.

SDGs & the three pillar fit

The Sustainable Development Goals are our framework. For each project, ecological, social and economic principles are pursued simultaneously. It is about people, planet and profit.

Bottom-up approach

All projects involve local communities, listening to their concerns and  giving help to self-help. Cultural traditions are strictly considered.

Ethical codex

Only projects partner with high ethical standards and fair wages are chosen after a careful due diligence performed by our transparency team.

Education & awareness building

All projects seek to counter the incentives which led to the problem in the first place by building awareness around sustainability.

Sustainability in-house

Our project partners own the project implementation. We support them with guidance, monitoring & evaluation.

Kind words from project partners on the ground

"The people here love their tree planting work. The work is making lasting changes to communities and raising awareness of the importance of good conservation."

Khalifa Mganga

Tree-planting Officer, Tanzania

"I love working with nature. Thanks to this work I can finally start saving for my own house."

Sanura Rajab Karata

Worker in a tree nursery, Korogwe, Tanzania

"Life is not easy as a farmer in India. The possibility of diversifying one's production by introducing agroforestry products such as fruit trees changes the game and opens up new perspectives."

Bhaga Ram

Farmer, Dharampura, India

Ready to make an even higher impact?