We can all be impact heroes

Impact Hero is an ‘Impact-As-A-Service’ platform empowering companies that want to embody the Net Positive approach, with the firm belief that it will become the new standard for doing business.

Our Story

From GROW MY TREE to Impact Hero, our journey has been one of growth and purpose. In less than 3 years, we have expanded our mission, now offering a wider range of impactful products that benefit the environment, people, and the world.

Together, we are dedicated to creating a brighter, greener, and more compassionate future for all.

2020: GROW MY TREE is born

We started GROW MY TREE with the goal of providing both individuals and businesses with a tangible and affordable way to take a stand in the fight against climate change - by planting trees.

2021: one million trees planted

We've hit the landmark of 1 million trees, supported by over 56.000 individuals and over 400 companies. The planted trees have created jobs, supported education, and changed lives across Tanzania, Nepal, Ethiopia, India and other countries.

2022: Impact Hero comes to life

Through our work with GROW MY TREE, we witnessed the power of businesses to create positive change, and we wanted to empower businesses with further impact solutions that are aligned with the UN SDGs. It is from this inspiration that Impact Hero was born.

2023: Impact products expanded

In the same year we've hit the 2 million trees mark, we've expanded our portfolio of products to address the major environmental and social challenges of our time.

This is us

We are a small, passionate team driven by a sense of purpose to do good in the world. We aim to pass on our passion and optimism to individuals and businesses, making a collective effort to be heroes for our planet and future generations

Ajmal Hussain Shaik

Digital Marketing Manager

Alma Banjić

Customer Success Manager

Amal Slim

CMO & Co-Founder

Dijana Galijasevic

CEO & Founder

Dr. Hannah Schragmann

Chief Transparency Officer

Lejla Brcaninovic

Sales Manager

Selma Seta

Key Accounts Manager


Bruna Quadros


John Mishek Minah


Marcel Spitzner


Mirta Zupan


Omega Emmanuel Kaaya


Tarek Khoury


And this is also us

Our work would not be possible without the people taking care of seedlings, preparing the planting sites, and monitoring growing forests. Thanks to those who work hard on site.

"I love working with nature. Thanks to this work I can finally start saving for my own house."

Sanura Rajab Karata

Worker in a tree nursery, Korogwe, Tanzania

"The people here love their tree planting work. The work is making lasting changes to communities and raising awareness of the importance of good conservation."

Khalifa Mganga

Tree-planting Officer, Tanzania

"Life is not easy as a farmer in India. The possibility of diversifying one's production by introducing agroforestry products such as fruit trees changes the game and opens up new perspectives."

Bhaga Ram

Farmer, Dharampura, India

One day, every business will say to their customers:
"Every transaction of our business also impacts the world positively - enabled by Impact Hero solutions."

Angels & Advisors

Amelie Holstein
CSR Manager | MEERKAT Holding
Marc Preusche
Founding Partner | blue8.global
Heiko Schneefeld
CEO & Co-Founder | 320 EAST
Dr. Nina Fichtl
Head I Allianz Investment Management I BIOME10
Marcus Börner
Founder & Partner I AQVC
Britta Bomhard
Co-Founder | Encourage Ventures
Dr. Sönke Bartling
Founder | Blockchain for Science
Tobias Fries, PhD
Founder | Certista AG
Meinhard Benn
Co-Founder | SatoshiPay & Pendulum
Charles Koppel
Director | BIOME10
Sandro De Luca
Managing Partner | blue8.global
Nadja Wendenburg
Audi I Data Strategy
Katharina Loden, PhD
Decision facilitator I Net Zero Tech
Dr. Tobias Malte Müller
Partner I Taliens

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