Engage customers with positive impact

Supercharge your sales and marketing campaigns with purposeful incentives that drive brand loyalty and increase sales.

Impact campaign possibilities are infinite limited only by your imagination!

Gift a tree for every order

Build trust and create emotional connections with customers who share your values and appreciate your commitment to sustainability.

Collect plastics for every booked call

Discover the power of sustainable marketing - a cost-effective way to boost your Marketing KPIs while creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Sponsor education for every survey filled

Today's consumers expect companies to take responsibility for their social & environmental impact. Every touchpoint with your customers can communicate your company's commitment.

Incentivize every stage of your marketing funnel

Awareness to consideration

Brand awareness is key to winning over customers and standing out from competitors & impact incentives can be powerful tools to engage prospects.

Planting a tree for them or collecting a kg of plastic and delivering a personalized certificate can hold their attention and help you stand out from the crowd. Get those landing page form fills you need and boost your MQL’s.

Consideration to Conversion

To convert leads to customers, you need to understand their needs, interests, and pain points. Delivering valuable information is key at this stage.

Sending your audience a case study or video is great, but incentivizing every download or video view with an impact incentive can be even more powerful! If you’re an e-commerce brand, a promise of impact with every order can directly impact your CVR rate and create happy customers.

Conversion to loyalty

Create loyal customers by combining quality products and services, an unmatched customer experience and you guessed it, impact incentives.

Delight your customers by going beyond the traditional perks. Integrate our impact products into your dedicated after-sales nurturing funnel and create brand advocates! Or incentivize referral & testimonials and support the other stages of your funnel.

Case Study

Profit & purpose:
a winning strategy

Trust International B.V.  is the one-stop brand for digital lifestyle accessories. They created a campaign which included offering customers a cashback of 10 euros for purchases over 35 euros while simultaneously planting a tree 🌳 on their behalf.

Higher promo registration compared to all previous campaigns in Germany
Increased sell-out on Impact Hero products

Over 400 Integrations

Our impact automation backend supports hundreds of apps, creating infinite possibilities for your sustainable impact campaigns

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