Become a positive impact front runner

Showcase impact as part of your corporate sustainability strategy and include our SDG-aligned metrics into your Sustainability Reporting.

Collect plastics on a monthly basis and spread awareness

Minimize single-use plastic in your company while backing initiatives cleaning the River Nile or coasts in South East Asia. Display the plastics collected on your Landing Page or Sustainability Report & educate employees and customers about the importance of a circular economy.

Reforest an area equivalent to the size of your event venue

Make your next corporate event green by planting trees in Tanzania or Peru. Include a QR-code with a link to the site in the invitation and disclose your impact in your Sustainability Report, intranet or your dedicated landing page.

Bundle our impact products to address your focus SDG's

Our impact products are  strategically aligned with a specific set of goals, with each impact product directly & positively affecting several SDGs at the same time. 

You can choose projects aligning with your internal focus SDGs or diversify your SDG portfolio by supporting other SDG-aligned projects.

GRI & CSRD Explained

What is GRI and CSRD and why should you care?

The GRI is a globally recognized framework for companies to disclose their impact in areas such as biodiversity, human rights and corruption. It contains strict standards on data quality in the areas of accuracy, balance, clarity, comparability, completeness, sustainability context, timeliness, verifiability.

The CSRD is a new directive demanding sustainability reporting for EU companies in line with GRI standards.

Your engagement with Impact Hero directly feeds into your Sustainability Reporting under the CSRD/GRI and can be disclosed in GRI 2-22, 2-29, 203-2, 304-3, 305-5.

Showcase your commitment to Sustainable Development and the UN Agenda 2030

Double-down on your focus SDGs by supporting relevant projects in the Global South and track your impact in real time on your corporate impact landing page.

Over 400 Integrations

Our impact automation backend supports hundreds of apps, creating infinite possibilities for your sustainable impact campaigns


Do you have further questions?

How does Impact Hero make sure that GRI standards are met?

The GRI contains strict standards on data quality in the following areas. With Impact Hero, you can be sure that these standards are met:

  • Accuracy: We understand the difference between internal/external negative/positive impacts and can consult companies in their communication.
  • Balance: We understand the difference between internal/external negative/positive impacts and can consult companies in their communication.
  • Clarity: We are great communicators enabling companies to present impact data in a comprehensible way.
  • Comparability: We can benchmark companies’ engagement with regards to peers and quantify their changing impact over time.
  • Completeness: We aim for up-to-date data allowing for real-time project impact KPIs.
  • Sustainability context: We do reporting in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and can enable companies to align their reporting with the SDGs.
  • Timeliness: We update data on a regular basis while ensuring that the data has high quality.
  • Verifiability: We collaborate with external cooperation partners to constantly verify and monitor our data.
How do I know which disclosures are relevant for my collaboration with you?

Depending on the Impact Product you choose, your collaboration will fall into different disclosures. For example, the three impact products tree-planting, biodiversity protection and carbon offsetting, can all be disclosed under GRI 305-5 (Offsetting Carbon emissions). There are also some disclosures which you can use impact-product agnostic, e.g. you can disclose in GRI 2-22 and 2-29 that you are committed to sustainable development and engage your stakeholders in a meaningful way by collaborating with Impact Hero. Our Sales Team is happy to consult you on the standards relevant for your collaboration with us!

How can I become an Impact Hero by collaborating with you?

Impactifying your stakeholder touchpoints and creating impact by collaborating with Impact Hero is a great way to advance the SDGs. At the same time your company needs a strategy to make internal business operations more sustainable to become trustworthy and avoid any greenwashing accusations. Becoming an Impact Hero means reducing negative impact while boosting positive impact - please read more about this in our White Paper.

Where and how can I showcase my collaboration with you?

You can plug in your achievements with Impact Hero in your internal Sustainability Report, in your Intranet and/or as part of a Corporate Impact Landing Page hosted by Impact Hero or your own company. Here, we can make your impact visible in real-time, by including our real-time updated impact widgets on your Landing Page.

The standards for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive are not yet published. How can I know that the impact metrics will remain relevant?

The GRI committee works with the EU to ensure that the new standards are aligned with GRI metrics.

I do not have to report my sustainability efforts legally. Why should I do so?

Reporting sustainability on a voluntary basis can have many advantages even if not legally required. You can strengthen your brand image, attract employees, score higher in sustainability ranking and also prepare for future reporting.

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