Make your business a source of positive impact

Hundreds of companies of all sizes use Impact Hero solutions to positively engage customers & employees and regenerate the world


Impact products that regenerate the world

All our projects are implemented by our impact partners in the Global South where they are needed the most.

Plant trees

Growing healthy forests & fruit trees in collaboration with local communities

Collect plastics

Collecting, reusing & recycling waste from land, rivers and coastal communities

Restore coral reefs

Saving vulnerable marine ecosystems with science-based methods

Sponsor education

Empowering children and women to break the cycle of poverty

Conserve biodiversity

Protecting the richness of biological diversity and safeguarding wildlife

Enable regenerative agriculture

Transforming monocultures into ecological farming

Sequester carbon

Offsetting carbon with certified carbon credits


Our Solutions

Empower your business and enhance your sustainability efforts with our impactful solutions.

01 Marketing Impact

Marketing Impact

Incentivize engagement & purchases by integrating positive impact into your customer journey.

  • Gift impact to every new customer or for every product sold
  • Invite customers to contribute & join your impact journey
02 HR Impact

HR Impact

Engage employees, teams and potential candidates by showcasing positive impact as a core value.

  • Celebrate new hires and special moments by gifting impact
  • Attract and retain exceptional talent by showcasing your commitment to positive impact
03 Corporate Impact

Corporate Impact

Implement positive impact solutions as part of your corporate sustainability strategy in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Showcase your sustainability commitment
  • Integrate impact results into your Corporate Social Responsibility reporting
04 Custom Impact

Custom Impact

Unleash the power of good in your industry: discover our tailored impact solutions.

  • Receive personalized support from our experienced team
  • Connect with us to explore your impact opportunities.


We make a difference where it matters the most - in the Global South. Our approach combines innovative techniques, scientific advancements, and transparent technology for optimal results in ecology, economy, and social impact.


trees planted


hours of work provided


individuals engaged


days of education provided

Embed positive impact into your company in 4 easy steps

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We analyse your potential to implement positive impact
We deliver a simple solution tailored to your needs
You become an Impact Hero & contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

Customer testimonials

"Sustainability is not just a trend, and it is the responsibility of every individual and every company to preserve the planet. As an e-scooter company, we are pioneers on the path to a greener future. By offering sustainable transportation options, we can help achieve global climate goals. GROW MY TREE helps us to create even more impact, because a sustainable product alone is not enough."

Anne Marie

Marketing Manager

"We plant a tree a month for every employee and encourage (with a voucher) every employee to plant at least one more to match. Together, we can build back our forests for the safety of our planet."

Chris Donovan

Head of CSR

"We’re welcoming each participant to our lottery by gifting them a tree, which makes them a winner immediately."

Tino Goerke

Head of Marketing

"We are a small and highly specialised team in the field of commercial insurance with a focus on caregivers. For every policy we place for our clients, we plant a tree. Thus, we will plant more than 10,000 trees every year. This is good for our clients, good for GROW MY TREE, good for our group of companies and good for our employees and especially for their children."

Götz Lebuhn


"For us at The Body Shop, the topic of sustainability has been part of our daily work right from the start. Being able to hand over GROW MY TREE certificates to our employees and thus plant trees in their name is therefore 100% in line with our values."

Julian Kötting

Head of Retail

"Since we process the great raw material wood into beautiful and unique products, it is important to us to give something back to nature. The tree certificate that we send with every purchased item is very well received by our customers."

Matthias Frei


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