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Hundreds of companies of all sizes use Impact Hero solutions to positively engage customers & employees and regenerate the world

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A sustainability solution that fits your business

Whether you want to plant a tree for every order, offset CO2 for each review or collect plastic for new subscribers - we have you covered.

Delight your customers and use our seamless integrations to quickly add positive impact into the tools you already use.

Positive impact made simple

Every transaction your business makes, can leave a lasting impact on the world. Choose from a diverse range of verified impact products.

Every booked call
Every product sold
Every survey filled
Every corporate event
Every newsletter signup
Every sprint completed
Every booked call
Plants 10 trees
Collects 2 kg
of plastics
Restores 1
baby coral
Conserves 10 m2
of biodiversity
Sponsors 1 week
of education
100 kg of carbon
Plants 10 trees

Our solutions impactify your business in 3 key areas

Marketing Impact

Generate leads or gather customer feedback by planting trees or collecting plastics for every interaction.

HR Impact

Attract talent & foster loyalty by protecting biodiversity for every applicant or growing corals for corporate anniversaries.

Corporate Impact

Our impact solutions deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Incorporate them into your CSR strategy and GRI reporting.

Success stories

Humanoo, a platform for corporate wellness, rewards employees engaging in health activities with tree planting, plastic collection and coral reef restoration.

50% higher
redemption rate

2.100 Users actively engaged

A digital accessories  provider rewards customers who spend over 35€ with one tree planted & a cashback of 10€.

107% increase in promo registration

12% increase
in sales

A real-estate company plants one tree for every square meter of living property sold.

Brand Awareness

Sustainability Ranking

GRI Compliance

A telecommunication company is planting one tree a month for every employee - and encouraging them to plant at least one more to match.

Employee Engagement

Brand Awareness

Employer Branding

Allianz Direct, an insurance services provider, plants one tree for every car insurance policy sold.

Acquisition Rate

Lead Conversion Rate

Campaign ROI

A personal placement company gifts and plants trees per interviewed & hired candidate.

Application Rate

Employer Branding

Referral Rate

A furniture retailer is planting one tree for every e-commerce transaction.

Acquisition Rate

Lead Conversion Rate

Campaign ROI

Automate Your Impact

Our plug-and-play solutions make it easy to kick start
your positive impact journey

Seamless Integration

Connect to 400+ applications natively, weaving sustainability into your existing workflow.

Simplified Sustainability

Launch powerful campaigns with ease, no technical expertise required.

Scalable Success

Boost engagement with personalized certificates for customers, employees & partners. Your everyday operations transformed into global contributions.

Our Global Impact


trees planted


days of education provided


individuals engaged


days of work provided

Embed positive impact into your company in 4 easy steps

Schedule a call with us

We analyse your potential to implement positive impact

We deliver a simple solution tailored to your needs

You become an Impact Hero & contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

Customer testimonials

"Sustainability is not just a trend, and it is the responsibility of every individual and every company to preserve the planet. As an e-scooter company, we are pioneers on the path to a greener future. By offering sustainable transportation options, we can help achieve global climate goals. GROW MY TREE by Impact Hero helps us to create even more impact, because a sustainable product alone is not enough."

Anne-Marie Wolf

Marketing Manager

"We plant a tree a month for every employee and encourage (with a voucher) every employee to plant at least one more to match. Together, we can build back our forests for the safety of our planet."

Chris Donovan

Head of CSR

"We’re welcoming each participant to our lottery by gifting them a tree, which makes them a winner immediately."

Tino Goerke

Head of Marketing

"We are a small and highly specialised team in the field of commercial insurance with a focus on caregivers. For every policy we place for our clients, we plant a tree. Thus, we will plant more than 10,000 trees every year. This is good for our clients, good for Impact Hero, good for our group of companies and good for our employees and especially for their children."

Götz Lebuhn


"For us at The Body Shop, the topic of sustainability has been part of our daily work right from the start. Being able to hand over Impact Hero certificates to our employees and thus plant trees in their name is therefore 100% in line with our values."

Julian Kötting

Head of Retail

"Since we process the great raw material wood into beautiful and unique products, it is important to us to give something back to nature. The tree certificate that we send with every purchased item is very well received by our customers."

Matthias Frei


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