Humanoo Case Study

How a global health & well-being platform empowers its users to address the most pressing global challenges.
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Published on
July 12, 2023

Curious about how you can create a meaningful impact and communicate about it?
Discover the inspiring journey of our customer Humanoo who is already making a difference with Impact Hero solutions.

Humanoo is a global health & wellbeing platform, dedicated to supporting businesses in driving health awareness among their employees. But it doesn't stop there – they have taken it a step further by incorporating socially and environmentally conscious choices into their offerings.

Thanks to Impact Hero solutions, Humanoo users now have the unique opportunity to plant trees, collect plastic or restore corals  as a way to contribute to positive change through their activities. 

Since implementing the impact options Humanoo has already achieved great success: 2,100 users have already redeemed impact items and the impact products have performed 50% better than other offerings, proving that making a difference can also be a smart business strategy.

Are you interested in understanding their approach to creating positive impact?

Download our comprehensive Case Study to gain invaluable insights.

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