Trust Case Study

Discover Trust's inspiring journey with Impact Hero solutions, effectively making a difference while communicating their commitment to positive change.
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Published on
July 27, 2023

Curious about how to make a real difference while effectively communicating your commitment to positive change? Discover the inspiring journey of our customer Trust  who is already making a difference with Impact Hero solutions.

Trust International B.V.  is the one-stop brand for digital lifestyle accessories. Trust's approach is to combine cashback with their environmental efforts. They created a campaign which included offering customers a cashback of 10 euros for purchases over 35 euros while simultaneously planting a tree on their behalf.

This campaign reached a vast audience through 400 stores, resulting in an impressive 107% higher promo registration compared to all previous campaigns in Germany. Not only that, but it also generated a remarkable 12% increase in sell-out for Hero products, demonstrating the potent combination of profit and purpose.

Interested in learning more about Trust's transformative case and understanding how they achieved such remarkable success?

Download our in-depth case study to gain valuable insights into their journey. 

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