Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Case Study

Rooted in impact: learn more about ALE's employee-driven reforestation initiative.
Young woman and man talking on a meeting room
Published on
November 30, 2023

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s mission is to make everything connect by delivering digital-age networking, communications and cloud solutions with services tailored for business success. ALE is committed to developing technology solutions that work for customers, connecting people, machines, things and processes while creating a more sustainable future for all.

This campaign has achieved a remarkable milestone by planting a total of 53,037 trees. These numbers encompass 46,200 trees planted directly by ALE and an additional 6,837 trees contributed by their employees, all thanks to their amazing communication efforts.

Interested in learning more about ALE's transformative case and understanding how they achieved such remarkable success?

Download our in-depth case study to gain valuable insights into their journey. 

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