Navigate the net zero path

Explore strategies for achieving net-zero emissions and the business impact of climate solutions with Plan A's CEO, Lubomila Jordanova.
Published on
December 15, 2023

Our recent Linkedin live webinar, "Navigating the Net Zero Path", was a thought-provoking exploration into the pivotal strategies and transformative steps necessary for businesses to navigate the path towards achieving Net Zero emissions while maintaining economic vitality. The session commenced with the captivating journey of Lubomila, transitioning from a career in finance to an inspiring commitment to sustainable and fair future.

The discussions highlighted the urgency of Net Zero in combatting global warming, stressing the amalgamation of economic growth with sustainable practices. We unraveled the significance of qualitative and quantitative assessments in redefining sustainability within businesses, mitigating risks associated with greenwashing, and the art of managing information overload. Stakeholder engagement, innovative partnerships exemplified by BMW, and the importance of global equity in carbon emissions were focal points. The LinkedIn live illuminated the path for purpose-driven initiatives, collective intelligence, and adaptable strategies as the bedrock for a sustainable future.

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