Updates from the planting season in Tanzania

Our Tree-Planting and Regional Officer, visited our planting sites in Tanzania during the rainy season, emphasizing reforestation and agroforestry initiatives.
Updates from the planting season in Tanzania
Published on
June 22, 2023

During the rainy season in April, Omega Emmanual Kaaya, our Tree-Planting and Regional Officer for South East Africa, embarked on a visit to our planting sites in Tanzania. This region holds immense significance in our tree planting endeavors, particularly due to our strong focus on reforestation and agroforestry initiatives. These initiatives aim to empower small-scale farmers by cultivating fruit trees and promote environmental conservation.

Furthermore, our initiatives have made a positive impact on the socio-economic landscape of Tanzania. We are proud to have created new work opportunities for 733 women and 690 men who are actively involved in our projects. By adopting a comprehensive approach, we address both the ecological and socio-economic aspects, promoting sustainable practices and nurturing the rich biodiversity found within Tanzania's landscapes.

The purpose of our visit

The visit of our partners had several goals: to meet representatives of our partner organizations, to look at the processes in the tree nurseries, to visit our planted locations and to actively participate in planting activities. Such visits to our partner projects are crucial for the success of our work. If you're interested in learning more about sustainability criteria of GROW MY TREE by Impact Heroes, please visit our transparency page for further information.

The benefits of forest projects to the local community

By visiting our partner organizations in Tanzania, we had the opportunity to witness firsthand the positive impact of tree planting in the Usambara Mountains. This region not only provides economic stability for the local community but also plays a crucial role in curbing illegal logging activities and preserving the area's rich biodiversity.

As part of this journey, we have seen how tree projects can transform lives and inspire hope for a better future.

The stories we've heard from the local community show that every single tree can have an impact on their lives. The visit to our partners has again confirmed the enormous importance of the work done in Tanzania. It's a powerful reminder of the value and impact we can create together. The organizations show a high level of commitment and expertise in their respective projects. Working with local communities, schools and government agencies is also important to promote environmental protection through tree planting.

Your contributions allow us to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of local communities and the environment they depend on. Together we not only plant trees, we are planting seeds of change, hope, and sustainability. And with every tree that puts down roots in the Usambara Mountains, we contribute to a greener future for all.

We will certainly not be the last time in Tanzania and of course we will keep you up to date!

The Impact Hero Team

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