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Certified Tree Planting Gifts

Elevate gifting with personalised Tree Certificates.

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Certified Tree planting Gifts

  • Efficiency: Gift trees at the click of a button, instantly sending personalised certificates - or choose one of our bulk gifting methods.
  • Branded Impact: Christmas -themed Impact Hero tree certificates, branded with company logo, create a memorable and sustainable gift.
  • Flexibility: Choose from one-time purchases or subscription plans to suit your gifting needs. Also, the quantity of trees per gift can be easily selected.

Impact Gift Cards

Gift impact with customized digital or print greetings.

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Impact Gift Cards

  • Customization: Design your own greeting with your logo, incorporating our gift codes for a unique and branded experience.
  • Ease of Redemption: Giftees redeem their gifts on your customized Impact Page, learning more about your brand's impact and making additional contributions.
  • Eco-Friendly: Send digital greetings or go with physical cards printed sustainably incorporating a QR code for redemption.

Why gift trees

The holiday season brings joy and togetherness, but it also comes with its set of challenges for businesses:

Holiday Gifting Dilemmas

Finding the perfect gift that's both meaningful and unique can be a daunting task.

Sustainability Concerns

The demand for eco-friendly gifts is on the rise. Most corporate gifts mean more trash in the environment!

Brand differentiation

In a crowded marketplace, standing out and creating memorable experiences for customers can be a real challenge.

Employee Engagement

Engaging and rewarding employees during the holiday season is essential for team morale and motivation.

Why Impact Hero

Impact Hero is a Berlin-based impact-tech company that helps businesses achieve and communicate positive impact through integrating impact products such as tree planting, plastic collection and coral reef restoration into their business & engaging key stakeholders.

Our purpose is to secure a fair future for humanity and Planet A through solving global social and environmental challenges as outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with the belief that businesses can serve as multipliers for positive impact.

+ 2.1M trees
planted in collaboration with local communities
+ 5.1T plastics
collected from rivers  and coastal communities across the globe
+ 45M kg CO2
sequestration potential per year via tree-planting projects
+ 20.680 days
of work enabled in the Global South

How does tree planting work and where are our trees planted?

We work with local partners in countries of the Global South that focus on reforesting degraded areas with new mixed forests (natural reforestation) and/or providing trees to surrounding farmers to include into their agricultural practices (agroforestry). 

We only plant native tree species with high survival rates. All projects involve local communities and cultural traditions are strictly considered.

+10 million
Square meters of forest restored
+20 sites

Customer testimonials

"Sustainability is not just a trend, and it is the responsibility of every individual and every company to preserve the planet. As an e-scooter company, we are pioneers on the path to a greener future. By offering sustainable transportation options, we can help achieve global climate goals. GROW MY TREE helps us to create even more impact, because a sustainable product alone is not enough."

Anne-Marie Wolf

Marketing Manager

"We plant a tree a month for every employee and encourage (with a voucher) every employee to plant at least one more to match. Together, we can build back our forests for the safety of our planet."

Chris Donovan

Head of CSR

"We’re welcoming each participant to our lottery by gifting them a tree, which makes them a winner immediately."

Tino Goerke

Head of Marketing

"We are a small and highly specialised team in the field of commercial insurance with a focus on caregivers. For every policy we place for our clients, we plant a tree. Thus, we will plant more than 10,000 trees every year. This is good for our clients, good for GROW MY TREE, good for our group of companies and good for our employees and especially for their children."

Götz Lebuhn


"For us at The Body Shop, the topic of sustainability has been part of our daily work right from the start. Being able to hand over GROW MY TREE certificates to our employees and thus plant trees in their name is therefore 100% in line with our values."

Julian Kötting

Head of Retail

"Since we process the great raw material wood into beautiful and unique products, it is important to us to give something back to nature. The tree certificate that we send with every purchased item is very well received by our customers."

Matthias Frei


Early Bird Tree Bonus

Commit before the following dates and receive a tree bonus of:


before sept 15


before oct 15


before nov 15

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