How to set a green and responsible example with your company this holiday season

Unlock the potential of eco-friendly corporate gifts with Impact Hero this holiday season and build a sustainable brand legacy.
Published on
November 8, 2023

Christmas is coming - and the approaching holiday season, like every year, confronts us with the challenge of finding the perfect corporate gift. But we must go on differently than we used to, gifting short-lived consumption goods which waste resources and often do not even last. It's time to reflect on our values and beliefs, as the condition of our planet is a reflection of our actions. This introspective period reminds us of our responsibility as integral players in a vast corporate world.

In an era where eco-consciousness is on the rise, the demand for eco-friendly gifts is more significant than ever. Traditional corporate gifts often end up as waste, contributing to the already pressing issue of environmental pollution. It's time to step up and make a change for a better world.

But how do we start? That is a question that many companies face when wondering how to make a difference. The good news? It is now more straightforward than ever to fulfil this commitment and convey a powerful message this Christmas.  At Impact Hero, we offer unique gifting solutions for the holidays. Engage your stakeholders with our positive impact initiatives because by doing so, you'll not only boost your environmental and social impact but also engage your stakeholders and spread awareness around the pressing issues of our time.

Why choose sustainable gifting?

The magic of positive impact in marketing and brand building

Incorporating our solutions into your marketing campaigns can set your company apart while deeply resonating with eco-conscious consumers who expect businesses to uphold environmental responsibility. Embracing responsible practices is not just a business strategy; it's a way to build lasting bonds with sustainability-focused customers, enhance your brand's identity, and nurture trust and emotional connections with those who share your values.

This approach doesn't just align your brand with sustainability; it meets consumer expectations and reveals your wholehearted dedication to making a positive social and environmental impact.

Embrace sustainability to attract talent and foster loyalty

Within your HR department, promoting sustainability can make a world of difference in attracting talent and fostering  loyalty. Encourage environmental responsibility, teamwork, and a culture of positivity through actions like positive impact gifting and sustainable incentives. Gifting impact, in the form of a tree planted in India, a kg of plastic collected from river Nile or a coral grown in Indonesia will not only foster a culture of positive impact but also enhance your employer branding, ultimately creating a more dedicated workforce.

Unleash corporate impact

Our impact solutions provide a direct pathway to accelerating action towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By integrating these initiatives into your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, you become a pioneer in delivering positive impact and championing awareness around the pressing topics of our time.

Incorporating our offerings will not only elevate your sustainability ranking but also address the growing demand for sustainability from both your customers and employees. This, in turn, builds trust and emotional connections with customers who share your values. Your collaboration with Impact Hero aligns seamlessly with global sustainability standards, fortifying your brand's position as a catalyst for positive social and environmental change.

Select from our sustainable gifting solutions and get started

Option 1: TreeJoy - Certified Tree Planting Gifts

Gift trees at the click of a button & instantly send personalized certificates branded with your company logo. Whether you prefer one-time purchases or subscription plans, we've got you covered. Each tree planted is a symbol of your commitment to the environment.

Option 2: EcoGreetings - Impact Gift Cards

Create custom physical or digital greeting cards and seamlessly integrate our gift codes. These codes can be redeemed on your dedicated impact landing page, allowing recipients to learn more about your brand's sustainable initiatives while also contributing to meaningful causes.

Instead of trees, you can of course also choose any other impact product which resonates with your goals and the story you wish to tell.

Ready to explore these options and make your holiday gifting truly memorable and environmentally responsible?

This holiday season, make a statement with your gifts. Choose sustainability, make a positive impact, and create memories that last a lifetime - while positioning yourself as a true player for the SDGs.

From trees with love, 

Your Impact Hero Team

Written by Nina Fabe

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