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June 5, 2024

The transformative power of art & creativity in addressing global challenges

Impact Hero has partnered with artist ChefBurger for the "Journey Through the Arts: From Tokyo to Paris" exhibition, hosted at the Me by Melia Hotel in Dubai. From June 6th to July 30th, 2024, guests can explore ChefBurger's "TreesArt to the World" collection, with proceeds funding tree planting in the global south.
Media & Press
August 9, 2023

Tips from our co-founder Dijana to other future entrepreneurs

In her Deutsche Startups interview, Dijana discusses challenges on the entrepreneurial journey, her daily start-up routine, lessons from past mistakes, and advice for aspiring founders.
Media & Press
January 18, 2023

Environmental protection as a christmas present

Learn more about the history of GROW MY TREE, our vision and future planned projects as well as how to find the right gift with us
Media & Press
January 4, 2023

Don't be afraid of new challenges

Learn about the inspiring start-up story and vision of GROW MY TREE by Impact Hero founder, Dijana Galijasevic
Media & Press
January 11, 2023

The somewhat different Christmas tree

Explore the positive impact of gifting trees on communities and the environment. Learn how to make impact gifting a part of your business strategy
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